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  5. andiunion:


    ms. spank-sub was a bad little girl.

    Schön den Hintern raus.

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  6. tradcp44:

    I am glad that stings!

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  7. tessthebrat:


    Its funny how the simple things can often have the biggest effect. The single word ‘NO’ spoken firmly can be much more of a jolt out of an undesirable mood or action than some yelling or swearing rant.

    And on the same level, something simple like this, standing in the corner after a simple arse slapping just like you would give a snotty child can really humiliate in a way that more elaborate punishments often dont, especially if its administered in front of your peers.. These are the things that stick in your mind and alter future behaviour.

    Ultimate cornertime

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  8. tradcp44:

    Housework not done to satisfactory standards

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  9. razrstrpr:



    Not met a lady yet who appreciated the finer points of the diaper position. Me? I love it !

    Belted in diaper position. My best favourite implement and position. Simply magical!!!!!

    Anyone in?

    "Why?… You asked me, ‘Why?’… because I missed the area that seems to be the source of all of your problems… that is WHY!"

  10. tessthebrat:

    The silliest spanking position ever…not useful whatsoever

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